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    In the operation of the drilling type smoke how large junk in check?
       Pick a large junk can sand-excavating, sand excavation river, extraction of iron powder, reclamation embankment reinforcement, etc., suitable for all kinds of ways, USES a wide variety, pumping large junk can destroy the mud directly extracting iron from the deep lake, can be extracted from 30 meters underwater sand iron powder. In addition to the above purposes can also be used for urban city appearance and environmental protection, wai from land and so on. It is made of hull, diesel engine, a sand pump, hose, hang pulp machine, anchor and other parts, the hull is divided into the cabin, the sand tank, floating body and two heads for floating body, to the cabin in the middle. Take large junk after many practices and changes, increase the degree of automation, simple operation, good operation. Drilling type smoke is also a large junk, so how to check in the run?
       The first point when the engine is running, often should pay attention to the operation situation of water and oil pipe joints, such as leak detection, should be promptly eliminate; Second diesel engine in the process of operation to observe check oil pressure, oil temperature, cooling water temperature charging current instrument, generator voltage and observation exhaust smoke color, should be paid attention to listen to inner voice, such as overheat, smoke, tapping and other abnormal phenomenon, should stop check in time to be ruled out. Diesel engines are not allowed to work with faults, in order to avoid damaged parts; The third point should lie between each half standby diesel engine run for 15 minutes; The above is a check of pumping large junk matters, want to use.

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