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    Used for large junk is worth buying?

        For large junk is a kind of equipment on the water for a long term, hull frequent collision, that is hull parts with friction, this kind of situation need a transition period to equipment, can give at this stage to a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the equipment. For large junk to make longer life, it is the secret of first to choose formal manufacturers, can ensure the quality and after-sale guarantee. In addition to reasonable choice model according to your own site. The following is used for the advantages and disadvantages of large junk:
       First is the price of second-hand equipment price is the dominant, half or more lower than the new equipment, of course, if there are any cost-effective for large junk is made; Second after-sales problems, most from individuals or middlemen buy second-hand equipment, no after-sale protection, problems to solve, only the second repair failure rate is higher than the new times even more; And quality, this is the key problem, is certainly not as good as new, as is known to all, a failure in the job, is to spend on their own, if the new equipment parts in the warranty period, the manufacturer will free replacement; In combination with this problem, suggestion or to buy new equipment, or well-funded, late to buy.

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